Monday, February 1, 2016

New Year Update!

Hello hello! Happy new year! I realize it's February 1st but better late than never!

There has been a lot afloat since I last wrote. I went traveling around India and had intentions to post tons of pictures and will definitely do that soon!

I got to meet the lovely Rachel Khoo back in November and am going to be contributing to her new lifestyle website Khoollect, so check that out!

There will be a series of cooking classes at Medborgarskolan an adult education school with me. Here's a list of them:
February 28th - Paneer workshop, followed by a class with various ways of treating paneer (Indian cheese).
March 1st - Indian cooking class!
April 7th - cooking with pulses -- beans, dried peas and lentils!
May 6th - Mexican cooking!
June 8th - New York Brunch!!!!!!

There was a little interview with me in this Swedish lifestyle blog The Waves We Make.

Today I was on P4 Uppland, which is a local radio station around Uppsala, sharing tips about vegetarian food and how it so does not have to be boring at all! I never eat boring food.

I'm giving a presentation at JTI university on Thursday about why we should eat more pulses. In Swedish, so wish me luck!

I have been fortunate enough to work for various companies and meet very interesting people. Mainly, it's been amazing to actually get paid for what I love -- food! Last Friday I planned an event at the organic Swedish food company Saltå Kvarn where 15 people cooked my recipes with their products and then we had a big feast. How fun!

Lots more to come so stay tuned!


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