In April 2014, I appeared for a week on the Swedish TV show Halv Åtta Hos Mig (the Swedish version of BBC's Come Dine With Me) on national TV (TV4). And I won, receiving a record score for health/ vegetarian week. You can watch me on season 12, episode 15 on TV4. You can also watch a short clip on YouTube.

In February 2015, I was interviewed in the Swedish magazine Buffé (over 2 million readers) about legumes (issue 2 : 2015, page 14-15). You can read the article here.

On February 26th, 2015, I was invited onto live national Swedish radio P1 with Nordegren & Epstein to discuss the mighty wonders of beans and other legumes! You can listen world-wide with this link:

My recipes have been published here:

Valora Trade Cafe & Fastfood catalog 2015

Hemnets Kokboken 

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