Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy belated New Year + News!

Hello Lovely Readers!

I hope all has been well with you. I hope your new year started off well. Unfortunately there is too much anger and hatred in the world and I think we all have to remember to be nice and kind and tolerant no matter what.

I haven't written in a while because there has been just too much going on but I'm going to fill you in now!

Fall 2014
I interned at a food distribution company here in Stockholm and got to know a lot more about the food industry. My internship tasks included developing vegetarian recipes using their products and also calculating the nutrition behind it. I also determined which of their products were sustainable and which ones needed to change. That was 6 weeks and shortly after, they offered me a job to work part time while I finish school! I will be the face of their company at food expos, which is exciting because I love meeting other companies and seeing new and exciting food products introduced onto the market.

Meanwhile at university, I took a product development class and developed a "meatball" using beans and peas so that it would be sustainable, healthy, delicious and healthy! 76% out of 100 said they would buy the product! So that has also been very encouraging.

December 2014
You may know that I volunteer at Baljväxtakademin, which is the Swedish legume society. Well, they decided to have me be part of their board, which is extremely awesome because I believe legumes are the future -- they're sustainable, good for the environment and enrich the soil for other plants, great source of protein, healthy, nutritious and DELICIOUS!

At the end of December, my husband and I traveled to California to visit my sister in Santa Cruz. We then drove down to Los Angeles and then flew to New York / New Jersey. I ate such good food on my travels and have been meaning to post them here but January has been my busiest month yet!

January 2015!
As soon as we got back from vacation, I was interviewed by the Swedish food magazine Buffé about legumes (beans, lentils, peas!)! I focus on how to cook them and also on their nutritional value. It's in the Febuary 2015 issue, page 14-15 and comes out in a few weeks! It's read by at least 2.2 million so it's a pretty big deal! 

Here is the article

I also started my new job and the first expo was the Cafe & Fastfood Expo in Stockholm. There were two highlights. #1 is that my recipes were printed into a book (pictured) with gorgeous photos to distribute to all the visitors, and that made me proud because those are my babies! #2, I got a selfie with Marcus Samuelsson - he is a true hero in my book, someone I look up to as he's an adventurous cook, has crossed many boundaries and does a lot of good too.

My dissertation:
I also started my last term at university! We began with a food sociology class and will soon write our dissertation. My food science and nutrition education requires us to write a dissertation in pairs. So my partner and I are going to write about fermented beans (I had to convince her!!)! It's an exciting time and a lot of hard work and research, all of which I am really looking forward to because I totally believe in this.

I will try to keep you updated more often!!! Be sure to check back as I'll be posting some photos and tips from our last trip to PARIS as well!

Be well!

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