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A Vegetarian's Guide to Stockholm

The summer is the best time to travel to Stockholm. Tourists from all over are coming here to be fooled by the weather, just like I did when I first came here at the end of May 2009. It was warm, you needed just a light jacket and it was sunny all day and bright at night. It never really got dark, maybe just for 2 or 3 hours, and that's just magical! And oh my, what lovely flowers everywhere! The city works really hard to plant different plants all over the city. Right now there are lovely tulips everywhere and some daffodils and pansies. As it gets warmer, there will be other lovely things.

So what to do when in Stockholm? Here's my list!

Farmers Markets
Farmers Market - I am grateful for the farmers market in Stockholm. I just wish it was open all summer!! Spring market - every Saturday in May. Fall market - every Saturday from August to October. Check the link for exact location as they have a few around the city!

Harvest Market - different location every year but around August/September. A lot of colony lot owners harvest and sell their flowers and produce and it's just wonderful to connect with the locals.

Museums - some of my favorites
Prins Eugens Waldermarsudde - my FAVORITE museum in Stockholm. It's in a wooded area called Djurgården but is still centrally located. The museum was owned by a prince so the interiors are stunning -- wallpaper, furniture, and of course the art. I really like that the art is from the modern era -- that means late 1800s to early 1900s. The view by the estate is lovely because it's by the water and also boasts a stunning garden. I'd say that's the best museum experience I've ever had! I mean where else can you say you randomly meet sheep? Yeah, the sheep are just a short walk from the museum, just waiting for you to pet them!! ha.

The National Museum - it has a little bit of everything so it's definitely worth visiting. Unfortunately it has been closed for renovation but it should open again soon.

The Mediterranean Museum - Kind of a small collection but I like it. The food at Bagdad Cafe is delicious -- I usually get their feta sandwich or bean stew and of course Fika! They have a great selection of Middle Eastern sweets like baklava.

Millesgården - I've talked a little about this in my post here. It's a beautiful home filled with sculptures and styled like an Italian villa. A little out of the city but worth a visit on a warm sunny day.

Bukowskis Auction House - that's right, it's an auction house but if you're lucky and they're having a viewing, you can see art that you'd probably never see again as it's sold mostly to private owners. It's also centrally located and right next door is Berns hotel where the famous Swedish playwright August Strindberg used to hang out.
Tantogården is located in Södermalm and has colony lots where people grow the loveliest vegetation! It's a scene from someone's daily life and worth seeing.

Rosendal Trädgård - this is actually where we got married! It's a beautiful biodynamic garden where you can pick and pay for the flowers you'd like -- they grow sweet peas too!! The greenhouse-cafe and bakery boast a delicious fika. It's located in Djurgården so it's just a lovely walk.

Vitabergsparken or "The White Mountain" is in the trendy area SoFo. What I like most about this hilly park is that you can buy yourself a cloudberry ice cream from the nearby local ice cream shop and be on cloud nine.

Kungstragården is located in the city center by all the shops. It's beautiful in April/May when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

FIKA = coffee with something sweet
Fabrique - I've tried to recreate their cinnamon buns or kanelbullar as they're called here. Everything they bake is delicious.

Mellqvist - located at Hornsgatan 78, is the best spot for really great coffee, sandwiches and baked goods and people-watching. When it's warm, everyone's sitting outside.

Petrus - a cute little bakery also in Södermalm by Mariatorget. I love their little cookies a little too much -- try their rye cookies - it almost tastes like brown butter.

Rosendal Trädgård - this is actually where we got married! It's a beautiful biodynamic garden where you can pick and pay for the flowers you'd like -- they grow sweet peas too!! The greenhouse-cafe and bakery boast a delicious fika. It's located in Djurgården so it's just a lovely walk.

Vurma - really lovely floor and good selection of baked goods. Right by the water and also has outdoor seating.

Bröderna Olssons Garlic & Shots - best veggie burger experience hands down! Actually, also the best veggie chili experience ever. We always get one of each. I tried to recreate mine here.

Nytorget 6 - located in the trendy SoFo area, it's a good place for brunch and really close to the farmer's market.

Gojo, Rensteirnas gata 48 - delicious Ethiopian food! But there are more, check here.

Ho's - best Chinese ever! Our favorites are the Black bean tofu and Schezuan tofu.

Lao Wai - all vegetarian Chinese and always delicious! If you go for lunch, they serve just one dish but you don't have to worry, it's always yummy.

New Lilla India - delicious South-Asian food. Our favorite is Kashmiri Gobi - spicy braised cauliflower. SADLY CLOSED update 2016

Shanti - a cute South-Asian place for dinner. I like that no matter what you order, you always get a side of daal, raita, salad, rice and pickle.

Grand Hotel - if you want a luxury brunch, go here! They even offer blinis with seaweed caviar and it's really good! Plus it's got a stunning view of the water and the castle.

Outside of Stockholm:
There's the Archipalego - a cluster of little islands just waiting to be discovered.
And then there's Skåne -- I just love going to the South of Sweden during the summers. Rolling hills and fresh produce and fresh air -- what more can you ask for??
Gotland - a stunning island with rye fields and orange poppies growing in them.

I'll be updating this whenever I find something else worth adding! I hope you have a great time in Stockholm and let me know if it was at all helpful, it would be great to hear from you!

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