Thursday, July 5, 2012

Avocado club sandwich

It was many years ago that I went to a diner in the Lower East Side and ordered a vegetarian club sandwich. I wasn't expecting much, but when it arrived, it moved me. Sandwiched between three slices of toasted whole grain bread was mayo, mustard, Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, arugula and sprouts. It was so delicious! It wasn't just a sandwich, it was an amazing sandwich that I would be proud to serve at a party, because it has personality.

I brought the leftovers home, because it was extremely filling, and my mom loved it so much that we decided to recreate it at home. I recently browsed through emails from 2007; apparently I had written to numerous friends about letting them taste this sandwich, is that a little out there or what? But it is still that kind of sandwich for me. I want people to try it!

My entire family is obsessed with Tabasco. We don't put it on everything, but we know where it works wonders, like this sandwich, because it adds a necessary spicy tangy sharpness. It all started with my dad pouring it on his club sandwich at Denny's when we took road trips.  We've been doing it ever since. And I just learned that Tabasco is a place in Mexico, a place where my new friend is from! Why is tabasco sauce called tabasco when it's made in USA?

My family can vouch that I ate this sandwich for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner for many years. My mom still asks me to make it whenever I go home. So I hope this becomes a favorite in your home!

Avocado club sandwich
Serves 1 

3 slices of whole grain bread*, toasted
3 slices of Swiss cheese
American yellow mustard
3 - 4 thinly sliced tomatoes
8 slices of avocado (about half an avocado)
A small handful of arugula
salt and pepper

Spread mayonnaise on the three slices of the toasted bread, followed by mustard. Add a slice of cheese to one of them, followed by a thin layer of avocado, then season with salt and pepper, then add a thin layer of tomato, followed by arugula and a few dashes of tabasco. Add another mayo-mustard toast side down on the arugula, then spread more mayo and mustard on top, then another slice of cheese, then another layer of avocado, tomato, arugula and tabasco, and top off cheese and the last toast. Gently press the sandwich down. Slice in half diagonally. Use some toothpicks to hold up the sandwich. Enjoy!

* I make my sandwich with homemade multigrain sourdough and it works perfectly.

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