Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet peas climbing fast

As a way to share why planting from seeds is so magical, and partly my own selfish desire, I bought sweet pea seeds as part of his birthday present and he planted them 2 Sundays ago. I suggested cardboard egg cartons because it's a good way to reuse them, especially since sweet peas will inevitably need transplanting in a few weeks into a larger container. We used regular potting soil instead of the usual seed-starting mix. They started to sprout right away, after only 2 or 3 days, and we are truly delighted. So while the daffodils are spent, we have a much more fulfilling bloomscape ahead of us this summer, one which we hope will scent our home with its unforgettable fragrance.

I'll experiment with having some plants indoors on the windowsill, while smuggling some out into the community garden (among the roses and rhododendrons), somewhere where it can continue climbing upwards. I'm not sure we're allowed to grow our own things but will they really yell at me for having a fragrant path right outside our window? It's worth a try since we have over 8 plants, and I'm sure the others will sprout soon. I'll find out how long these bloom in Sweden. It seems promising that they will survive the whole summer because it never gets hot enough here. At least that's good for sweet peas!

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