Photobucket - a bean stuffed cornmeal pancake with pickled vegetables
Avocado club sandwich
IMG_2843 - a hearty club sandwich
Bahn mi bao buns
 photo 380dcee2-433b-41b3-b4e4-068ee5a73379.jpg - a fusion of Vietnamese and Chinese sandwich with bright fresh flavors
Finger-licking Cauliflower
 photo 55cf17fe-11bb-4619-a8bb-d3d4459ff9e7.jpg - crispy-chewy battered cauliflower in two sticky sauces
Photobucket  - a savory pastry stuffed with spinach and feta
Huevos Rancheros
Photobucket  - a hearty Mexican brunch dish
Jamaican patties
Photobucket  - a turmeric flavored pastry with spicy filling
Photobucket  - with a wholesome crust
Pumpkin Crostata
 photo 90c084bd-9516-4881-b188-f877bd5d1a30.jpg - a light pie crust encasing tender pumpkin and salty feta
Spelt Hand Pies
Photobucket - portable pies in a tender crust
Spinach Portobello & Fried Goat Cheese Salad
Photobucket - a salad of baby spinach, grilled portobello & fried goat cheese
Summer Tomato Galette
Photobucket  - free-form pastry with tomatoes and feta
Sweet potato fries
Photobucket - baked, tender, chewy and crispy just around the edges
Photobucket - a bulgur wheat salad 
Photobucket - pan-fried potato cakes
Tom Yum Soup
 photo 3bd79a64-65ff-4a64-93a8-5dbaa2f7bf01.jpg - a fragrant, flavorful and hearty Thai broth
Västerbotten cheese pie
IMG_2798 - a classic Swedish midsummer cheese pie
Welsh rarebit
Photobucket - crusty bread topped with a broiled béchamel sauce
Yogurt cheese
Photobucket - a tangy cheese spread perfect for dipping
Zucchini blossoms
Photobucket - a crispy and creamy delicacy

Sprouted Buckwheat groats
 photo 3d47c5e2-5827-47dc-9d60-f1f8c58f35f0.jpg - crunchy cereal to be used alone or in your granola

Basic Daal
Photobucket - a quick, easy and nutritious lentil stew
Photobucket - a rice dish with stewed vegetables
Celebration of Summer Bake
 photo b347ce6d-ca1e-4103-8dc4-d443410af65a.jpg - a bake of zucchini and eggplant in a rich tomato sauce and veggie-cheese
Chole or Chana Masala
Photobucket - a tomatoey-and-spice-scented chickpea stew
Ethiopian feast
 photo d3810183-c83a-4d3b-8ff7-57dae2ee5a84.jpg - an assortment of stews and injera - fermented teff pancakes
Green pasta
Photobucket - a creamy pasta with peas, broccoli, vegetarian sausages and feta
Jerk Tofu with Coconut Rice
Photobucket - spicy marinated tofu with mild coconut bean rice
Photobucket - a hearty texture-rich spicy stew
Kusum's Black Daal
Photobucket - a rich and hearty lentil stew
IMG_2619 - a spicy South Asian noodle soup with tofu and vegetables
Malai Kofta
Photobucket - a vegetable dumpling in a rich nutty sauce
Mixed vegetables and tofu in black bean sauce
Photobucket - Chinese-style vegetables in a black bean sauce
Moroccan couscous with seven vegetables
Photobucket - a hearty Moroccan stew
Palak paneer
IMG_2634 - 'saag paneer' - a spinach-nettle stew with cubes of Indian cheese
Pav bhaji
Photobucket - a spicy mashed vegetable stew
Photobucket - a quick and hearty paprika-scented stew
Thanksgiving lentil loaf
Photobucket - protein-rich and hearty
Tomato potato braise
Photobucket - a tomatoey braise
toastada - Mexican taco style pizzas
Photobucket - semolina/polenta with vegetables

Photobucket - a pillowy-light doughnut
Burger buns
Photobucket - soft burger buns
Cinnamon buns
Photobucket - a happy cross between Swedish & American cinnamon rolls
Photobucket - light, buttery and flakey croissants
Photobucket - an English breakfast bread
IMG_2077 - Swedish cinnamon rolls
Multigrain Sourdough Bread
Photobucket - a tender seeded multigrain bread
Norwich Sourdough
IMG_2705-1 - a crowd-pleasing basic sourdough bread
Pizza dough
Photobucket - made from wheat and spelt
Sourdough starter
Photobucket - made from rye flour

Flakey flatbread
Photobucket - Moroccan inspired buttery flatbread
Photobucket - a fenugreek flatbread

Chocolate cake
Photobucket - decadent and moist, garnished with candied rose petals
Lemon yogurt cake
Photobucket - easy, moist and lemony
Marcus's Pancakes
Photobucket - traditional thin Swedish pancakes
Raspberry jam cake
Photobucket - a birthday cake
Rum cake
Photobucket - a moist, rum-infused syrupy pound cake
Walnut honey cakes
Photobucket - tea cakes for tea time

Butter pecan crescents
Photobucket - a buttery pecany melt-in-your-mouth cookie
Doggie cookies
Photobucket - please make these for your dog!
Gur kokie
Photobucket - a jaggery (caramel) studded Indian cookie
Photobucket - a free-form sand-like confection
Photobucket - cardamom-scented Indian shortbread
 photo 7cb44a8c-dce4-4d5f-a4f5-cd264366f45b.jpg - Swedish ginger cookies
Raspberry caves
 photo f112d703-0b69-4477-8672-f98ab3282f1f.jpg - Swedish thumbprint cookies
Rosette cookies
Photobucket - tender and buttery cookie jam sandwiches
IMG_2867 - buttery and tender cookies
Tosha cookies
Photobucket  - crispy cookies coated in sugar syrup
Walnut ring cookies
Photobucket - walnut stuffed butter cookies

Photobucket - a Middle-Eastern nut pastry doused in honey syrup
Butter Pecan Coconut Ice Cream
IMG_2660 - a vegan ice cream base with a tasty butter pecan flavor
Chocolate tartlettes
Photobucket - a tender pastry filled with a fudgy chocolate ganache
Hibiscus pavlova
Photobucket - a tangy meringue cake
Mango tartlettes
Photobucket - a light yet creamy mango filling in a graham cracker crust
Pecan pie
Photobucket - a goey nutty pie
 photo 00ec1d21-cf8c-459e-add2-c760ab99f31a.jpg - cheese dumplings in a milky sauce
Photobucket - slow-cooked milk pudding
Strawberry rhubarb pie
strawberry-rhubarbpie - a jamy fruitiness with flakey pie crust
Photobucket - a fragrant fudgy confection 

Chocolate milkshake
Photobucket a thick chocolatey drink with a healthy twist
Moroccan tea
Photobucket - with lots of fresh mint
Rhubarb schnapps
Photobucket - rhubarb flavored vodka

Basic tomato sauce
Photobucket - use for pizza, pasta and dips
Cranberry chutney
Photobucket - tangy, spicy and sweet dipping sauce
Enchilada sauce
Photobucket - a Mexican hot sauce
Photobucket - sweetened by apples
Milk mayonnaise
Photobucket - creamy eggless mayonnaise made from milk!
Nani's chutney
Photobucket - an Indian pesto
Vegan gravy
Photobucket - earthy flavors of mushroom and onion


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